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iviSince 2012 I have been proudly making the internet a better place, one website at a time.  I have had the pleasure to work on a variety of exciting projects involving WordPress development, UI design & development.  In my free time I create content either on Twitch or YouTube. The journey started with wanting to build my own community with a group of friends.

As this was new to me had to start with researching around other communities seeing areas that could be improved. Web design had to start with a base layout with tweaking it around and learning new ways to make the dream come true. After many revisions fail, and restarts am a grad of what it has become.

With all the hard work as able to make connections and help others make them as well. Hope to see the community grow together.  This is when the freelancing grind started. Built a few free websites for my friends to challenge myself.

One thing I learned from this is it will get tough but as long you push through you will see that’s it’s worth it.  Worth it to see your client happy in the end with the there great website or application that helped them grow their product or business.

 The distance between dreams and reality is called action


Web Developer

Scope Web LLC
Sept 2016 – Current

Community Founder

Jun 2012 – Current


Jan 2012 – Current


High School Diploma

Beloit Memorial High School
2012 – Jun 2015

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