How did Jekyll changed my life

Nathan Henniges
November 17, 2017

First, lets go here the starting was WordPress. Even though WordPress does not get uses anymore for developers there is still a reason for using it depending on what is needed. 

Jekyll is great if you want to have a simple blog or even a site with a CMS that does not need something slowing it down like PHP etc. just flat HTML, CSS, JS. Jekyll may be great but to me it needs little more docs on liquid or a link to it within the docs as it can help a lot when you want to make a function. Functions can be really powerful and be able to fix bugs if you use bootstrap.

Like adding a row when the col reaches more than the max.  Also with this comes limits as not everything can be done easily and you may need to use another system or make your own custom function which can take a while.   Either way, functions are one of the ways that make Jekyll really powerful to use. Though out my journey with Jekyll I found many powerful tasks it could do but with that can come some limitations.  Either way, it’s a very useful tool for making the static site easy to make changes or run a blog on GitHub pages free hosting.

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